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Historical Tokens Set 9, Ancient Egypt


July 14, 2021

Fantasy Tokens Set 39, Undead is now available.

June 20, 2021

Another science fiction set is released.  I changed the term from cyber-scifi to just including it in the Sci-fi collection.  Set 6, Tech Tyrants is now available.

June 9, 2021

Fantasy Tokens Set 38, 'The Horse Lords' is now available.  This is another set inspired by 'The Lord of the Rings' story.

May 30, 2021

Superheroes Set 6, 'Champions' is available. This is a set of superheroes that I have been working on, off and on for a while. 

May 25, 2021

Another Mind Flayer has been added to the Singles section.  This time it is a vampire version.

May 22, 2021

A new fantasy set is finally released, 'Dark Menagerie 4'.  This is another set of creatures and characters inspired by the Witcher series of stories. 



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