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Fantasy Tokens, 'The Dark Lord's Allies'


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A Note on Custom Characters

I will not be doing custom characters for a while, probably for about 3 months so I can get caught up on the many set requests that folks have been asking for. 

May 29, 2023

Another set for the "Dark Lord's" armies.  Fantasy Tokens Set 66, 'The Dark Lord's Allies' is now available.

May 20, 2023

Here is a set of fantasy tokens depicting monastic

clerics, Fantasy Tokens Set 65, 'Cloistered Clerics'.

May 9, 2023

Another set of Sci-fi tokens.  This one is inspired by a popular video game series. Sci-Fi Tokens Set 19, 'Synth Soldiers'.

April 29, 2023

Here is another set for the modern era.  More apocalypse warriors in Modern Tokens Set 3, 'Survivors 2'


April 24, 2023

Another set for the science fiction genre, Set 18, 'Steel Reign' is now available.

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