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Sci-Fi Tokens, 'Fragged Aliens'


Latest Sets

November 29, 2023

Here is another set for the modern era.  Modern Tokens Set 4, 'Agents & Spies' is now available.

November 25, 2023

Now available is a redux of the original 'Cowboys & Gunslingers' set.  The original set has been replaced with this new one.  Any customers who have already bought the original set let me know, as this set will be a free upgrade.

November 15, 2023

Now available is another set for the forces of Chaos.  Fantasy Tokens Set 69, 'Chaos Warriors'.

October 27, 2023

Here is a set of historical tokens set in the Victorian era.  'Victorian Characters' is now available.

October 13, 2023

Upon request, here is a set of sci-fi soldiers based on a popular video game series.  Sci-Fi Tokens Set 23, 'Advent Soldiers'.

October 2, 2023

Long overdue, here is another set of Indian tribal characters for the Old West genre.  Western Tokens Set 11, 'Indian Nations 2'.

September 20, 2023

Another set for the Science fiction genre.  This is a set of civilians to go along with the soldiers set.  Sci-Fi Tokens Set 22, 'Space Colonists'.



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